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Study Plan
by Jalal Mohammed - Friday, 4 April 2014, 11:41 AM
study plan

Dear Students

If you are enrolled in a public health programme (i.e. Health Services Management, General Public Health and Applied Epidemiology) and are a postgraduate student, then you should receive a filled-in study plan every semester from the Department of Public Health.

If you have not received a study plan for Semester 1, please contact Mr Ramneek Goundar on ramneek.goundar@fnu.ac.fj

A sample of the study plan (not filled) that you receive is attached for your reference.

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Welcome to Your Online Learning Environment
by Jalal Mohammed - Monday, 17 February 2014, 12:14 AM

Dear Students

The Centre for Excellence and Innovation in Learning (CEIL) welcomes to another exciting year in your studies.

We would like to see that your studies are productive and that when you require assistance, you receive it. Please note the following contacts that will be useful for the duration of your studies.

Do you have Queries regarding your Course?

If you have any queries regarding your course, your first point of contact is the Lecturer-In-Charge of the course.

Are you having any Technical Difficulties?

If you are having difficulties in accessing the site, please check your internet connection. If you accessing the course page from your workplace, please contact your network administrator for assistance. If the problem still persists, please contact Mr. Alipate Ratulevu (E-Learning Technician) a.ratulevu@fnu.ac.fj for further assistance.

Are you having Login Difficulties?

If you are having any difficulties in logging into the course, please contact Mrs Sania Chambers (E-Course Designer) sania.chambers@fnu.ac.fj for further assistance.

Do you have queries regarding your Enrolment, Graduation and Grades?

If you have queries regarding your enrolment, grades from an already completed course or would like to apply for graduation, please contact Mrs. Mere Ravunibola (Manager CMNHS Academic Office) mere.ravunibola@fnu.ac.fj for further assistance.

On behalf of the CEIL team, I would like to wish you wonderful learning experience. I would be keen to hear about your online learning experience. Do contact me when you take a break from your studies.

Jalal Mohammed

Head of Centre

Centre for Excellence and Innovation in Learning


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SEMESTER 1, 2014
by Sania Chambers Selu - Friday, 14 February 2014, 10:41 AM


for any login issues please contact:

Sania Chambers Selu
Ph: 3311700 ext 3846

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